MBA – Professional Subjects – Course Descriptions & CEU’s & LU’s to Maintain License per State

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Architectural Services
Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Industrial, Hospitality,
Theme Parks,  Spiritual Centers,  Churches

Architectural Exam & Professional Services
Seminars, Workshops, Tele-Seminars, Tutoring, 
Materials,  Consultation, …. 

Architectural Energy Assessments
Walk through assessments & recommendations for a savings for up to a
1,000,000.00 or more  per year (Theme Parks, School Campus, Large Corporations)                                     (Professor Boardway help put together the California Energy Commission in 1978)

(Removing the Physical & Mental Blocks;  Exams, Profession, …)
K  Building Codes 2 1/2  hrs  TBA  350/ea  300/ea  250/ea
L  Project Management(Start to Finish)
M  Communication & Documentation
N  Controlling Construction Cost
O  Architectural Docs (Design thru Construction)
P  Contract Administration
Q  Time Management & Goal Setting
R  Project Filing Systems
S  Architectural Overview
T  Architects at Risk (Popular Session)
U  ADA Accessibility Standards 5 Hrs. (2 sessions @ 2.5 hrs/ea)
for Calif. License renewal
 5 hrs



Building Codes:
Codes that the Professional needs to be familiar with such as; UBC/IBC, ADA, Fire Codes, Health Codes, Local Codes,  …. We will discuss specifics of each code, code check process for documents, Fire & Seismic Resistivity, procedures for approval. etc… .

Project Management – Start to Finish: 
In this session we will discuss all different types of projects (Company Specific), also milestones, productive progress meetings, Client – Agency – Consultants – In-House Team coordination. Pre-Design thru Contract Administration.

Communication and Documentation: 
We will discuss proper ways of communicating and documenting with all individuals involved with the project. People that are analytical, graphic or from a different culture. Also discussed will be proper ways of documenting files throughout the course of the project. In addition, understanding what to say and not to say and to whom.

Controlling Project/Construction Cost:
In this seminar we will discuss proper monitoring of the projects budget and schedule. Preventing over-budget bids, value engineering, also while under construction minimize overruns, change orders, schedule extensions, etc… .

Architectural Documents * Pre-Design thru Construction: 
Programming Documents, Bubble & Block Diagrams, Schematics, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bid Documents & Documents during Construction, reflecting Revisions & Clarifications. Quality control thru the various phases.

Construction Administration: 
We will discuss all the parties to the project and their specific responsibilities and procedures to follow for the construction phase. When responsibilities begin and end. Site visits and meeting notes. Procedures to follow for Revisions and Clarifications. Construction start up meeting thru certificate of occupancy. Also Project Close Out requirements.

Time Management & Goal Setting: 
We will discuss short term & long term goals and how to schedule. Prioritize (A, B, C or 1, 2,3), based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly time frames. Also we will talk about staying focused on these items and how to adjust goals and schedules according to daily affects. Staying focused on the end result and the path to get there is discussed.

Project Filing Systems: 
In this session we will talk about the different systems of project files. Also what makes a good user friendly system that can be used and followed by “All”. Appropriate systems for the project type. Computer “E” files and computer – hard copy backups. The better the file system = less possibility of getting in trouble.

Architectural Overview: 
This seminar will cover topics such as; The various phases of the project and the knowledge we need to have for each phase. It will start with Pre-Design all the way through and includes the Post Construction Services phase. The Responsibilities of the Owner, Construction Manager, General Contractor & especially the Architect will be discussed.

Architects at Risk (Popular Seminar): 
In this session we will discuss how Architects and other parties to the contract have got in trouble. Also to prevent this trap of trouble. How the Architect needs to properly; Advise, Inform, Educate & Recommend information to the client. Different types of clients and ways of communicating. Various complexities of different types of projects. Golden Rules to follow; “When in doubt spell & search it out – don’t leave it out”, etc… .



HSW (Health, Safety & Welfare)      –   Note:  Biennial = Every other Year



Total Hours



Alabama  12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
Alaska 24 Hours 24 HSW Biennial
Arkansas 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
California   5 Hours 5 Disability Access Biennial
Colorado 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
Delaware 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
District of Columbia 24 Hours 24 HSW Biennial
Florida 24 Hours 24 HSW Biennial
Georgia 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
Hawaii 16 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
Idaho 8 Hours 8 HSW Annual
Illinois 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
Indiana 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
Iowa 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
Kansas 30 Hours Non-HSW Accepted Biennial
Kentucky 12 Hours 8 HSW Annual
Louisiana 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
Maryland 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
Massachusetts 12 Hours 8 HSW Annual
Minnesota 24 Hours Biennial
Michigan Pending * Pending * Pending *
Mississippi 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
Missouri 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
Nebraska 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
Nevada 8 Hours 8 HSW Annual
New Hampshire 24 Hours   16 HSW Biennial
New Jersey 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
New Mexico 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
New York 36 Hours 24 HSW Every 3 Years
North Carolina 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
Ohio 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
Oklahoma 24 Hours 24 HSW Biennial
Oregon 24 Hours 24 HSW Biennial
Puerto Rico 50 Hours 36 HSW Every 5 years
Rhode Island 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
South Carolina 24 Hours 24 HSW Biennial
South Dakota 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
Tennessee 24 Hours 13 HSW Biennial
Texas 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
Utah 12 Hours 12 HSW Annual
Vermont 24 Hours 24 HSW Biennial
Virginia 16 Hours Non-HSW Accepted Biennial
Washington 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial
West Virginia 12 Hours 8 HSW Annual
Wisconsin 24 Hours 16 HSW Biennial 
Wyoming 16 Hours 16 HSW Biennial