Aug 09

New Audio Visualizations for – ARE & CSE Exam – Test Taking Anxiety & The Profession


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Have you ever prepared yourself for a test and felt completely confident before taking the test, only to experience the inability to recall the information to properly respond?

Test anxiety can manifest in many ways. Becoming unfocused, experiencing racing thoughts, mental blocks, brain fog and the extreme of even having physical symptoms.

Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety wherein there is a pressure to pass to achieve positive results, there is a time frame in which to pass, and even an advancement in employment. Perhaps even judgment from the peers in your office as well as family and friends.

Also, many times when taking tests in a situation where there are other people in the room, who are also taking tests, one can sense the fear and anxiety from them. It is very important to be aware of this and stay centered and focused on yourself and the task at hand.

You may begin experiencing a block and the fear sets in which can cause your breathing to become shallow. When taking shallow breaths, you are not receiving the proper oxygen to get to the brain. Thus, with less oxygen your mind is not as focused and can go blank.

Even before taking the actual test, it is important for you to check in with your breathing. Are you taking shallow, half breaths into your chest or are you taking those life enhancing breaths all the way into your stomach? These deep breaths oxygenate the blood and allows you to relax and focus.

You may also enjoy doing some yoga and also some QiGong. Both of these activities assist in helping people with breathing, feeling more focused and relaxed, as well as feeling more balanced. In addition, QiGong, assists in getting more in touch with your energy and when it feels stuck or blocked, you can learn how to move it so you are in the flow of energy and not feeling blocked.

By practicing visualization skills for successfully preparing, studying and taking the examination, you place yourself in the situation ahead of time to allow you to be more focused and relaxed during the actual test. Also, during your visualization, if any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions come up that are stored in your unconscious mind, can be addressed so they do not surface during the actual test taking time.

The following is a list of  “ARE-NCARB EXAM – AUDIO VISUALIZATIONS”,  “CSE –  EXAM – AUDIO VISUALIZATIONS”,    “PROFESSIONAL – AUDIO VISUALIZATIONS”,  offered by MBA Educational Horizons for the ARE/NCARB Examination as well the California Supplemental Examinations (CSE) that will assist you in managing any anxiety that you may have about your test taking abilities so you will perform with a clear, focused and confident mind.

MBA has recently added –  “AUDIO VISUALIZATIONS”,   to help the ARE(NCARB) Exam Candidates as well as the California Supplemental Exam (CSE) Candidates and also the ones Practicing Architecture. These 20 to 30 min. audios can be played over and over again on any recording device. Once the sub-conscience believes you can achieve then you will receive, there is special energy in these audios the listener will receive through the words spoken and the background music played, these audios will allow them to become successful at what they want.   These audios are focusing on;  “Test Taking,  Test Preparation,  Taking The Exam,  English as a Second Language  also Practicing in the Profession.  Please click on or copy and paste link for additional information and ordering.  Thank you.


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