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Architectural Services
Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Industrial, Hospitality,
Theme Parks,  Spiritual Centers,  Churches, etc.

Architectural Exams & Professional Services
Seminars, Workshops, Tele-Seminars(Live & Pre-Recorded), Tutoring, Coaching
Materials,  Consultation, etc.

Architectural Energy Assessments
Walk through assessments & recommendations for savings of up to
1,000,000.00 or more  per year (Theme Parks, School Campus, Large Corporations)

(Professor Boardway assisting in organizing the California Energy Commission in 1978)


(Removing the Physical & Mental Blocks;  Exams, Profession, etc.)


Please note by selecting any services or products on this website,  the individual or Company
reflects that they have read and agree to all of MBA’s office policies.




Michael P. Boardway & Associates: 
 “Architectural Services”
1.   All projects and services must be reflected in a proper Contract & Retainer, prior to commencement.
2.   All Clients/Owners must submit  “IN WRITING”  to MBA prior to signing contracts the following, but not limited to;
a.   Their Project Criteria  (wish list)
b.   The Budget
c.   The Schedule
d.    The Level of Quality
e.    Requirements for a Construction Manager
3.   Owner to confirm and approve extent of Green Design & Sustainability within the project
(Various credits to Owner)
4.   Any testimonials submitted to MBA will be published at MBA’s discretion.
5.  Owner to submit General Contractor information to MBA for Bidding – a list or 1 individual
6.   Owner to confirm extent of  BIM Design Services if any
7.  Review of all Responsibilities and Representation of each party to the contract
8.  Owner to submit their legal representative if they cannot  offer all proper representation
9.  Owner to submit copy of Grant Deed confirming they own the land for the project
10.  Owner to review MBA Contract for all other issues
11.PRELIMINARY SITE VISIT – Drive to the site –  So. Calif. Only – Bakersfield – San Diego – Needles Triangle
(3 hrs Office Time- min  + Travel Expense) If out of So. Cal area then all Travel Expenses & Time will be billed accordingly –
Includes Site Visit & Agency Meeting if required,  to be reimbursed to Owner if MBA receives Construction Document Contract within four months of occurrence.

12.PRELIMINARY CODE CHECK (1 HR – OFFICE TIME)   Submitted in writing to Owner to be reimbursed to Owner if MBA receives Construction Document Contract within four months of occurrence.


MBA Educational Horizons: 
“Architectural Seminars, Workshops, Tele-seminars(Live & Pre-Recorded), 
Materials, Tutoring, Coaching, Consultation, …”
Registration Policy:
1. All registrants must submit payment application prior to any Seminar,
Tele-Seminar(Live and/or Pre-Recorded), Workshop, Tutor,  Coaching, Consultation, Ordering Materials,  etc… .
2. Credit/Debit Card payments only can be made through Pay Pal buttons on our website. (You do not have to be a pay pal member).  Checks or money orders accepted and made out to Professor Michael Boardway along with the order form. Mail to our P.O. Box on the website.
3. No walk-ins please, all data is sent prior to the session(s) based on pre-registration. Call ahead two weeks prior to the session to confirm your space and receipt of your application and payment.
4.  All attendees to bring with them to the session, registration confirmation or cash or credit/debit Card payment at the door is required for door registration, however not recommended since there is a possibility of no seats available. Also, must have downloaded data prior to each session.
5.   MBA includes an E- Booklet about each session. E-Booklets will be sent 2 – 3 days prior to the session & are to be downloaded and printed off by the attendee and brought to each session they have registered for or the attendee may bring their laptops, I-pads, etc., and read along with the instructor if they do not wish to print off data.
6. All services, Workshops, Seminars, Tutoring,  etc., must be ordered at one time to receive any reduction in fees or discounts noted.
Specials Policy:
When specials, discount sales, etc.,  are offered, it is with respect to ordering MBA Services, Products & Materials. Please refer to the specific information being advertised for all Specials, discounts and reimbursables which are time sensitive. Multiple discounts are not applicable. Also, when the individual or company signs up for more than one session with MBA. Please click on the appropriate pay pal discount button(s).  Thank you.
Refunds / Chargebacks / Cancellation / Rescheduling / Revising Policy:
1.   MBA has the right to cancel or reschedule any or all sessions due to;
a)   Conflicts that might occur
b)   Low attendance
c)   Natural causes
d)   Instructor emergency
2.   All attendee cancellations must be made in writing 14 days or more prior to their registered session(s) for a refund minus the cancellation fee, and within 60 days of Pay Pal payment, see Tutoring policies, #6.
3.   All Cancellations, Rescheduling, Revising  or Transfer of same individual’s credit,  is subject to a $45.00 minimum fee if the order is less than $45 then 50% of total order. All transfers to other individuals or session(s) each time is subject to a $35 transfer fee per individual.
4.   Refund requests are not recognized on or after the close of registration (2 weeks prior to session date).
5.   MBA will process a refund if the registrant meets all of the criteria, also minus any Material Links sent or services rendered, prior to Cancellation.

6.   Tutoring/Coaching/Consultation Sessions – Live or Phone/Skype – (All future tutor dates must be scheduled within 24 hrs of initial registration). Any and all cancellations or reschedule for all future sessions or specials, from registration date must occur within 72 hours from date of initial registration. If rescheduling or cancellation of the session or special begins or occurs between 48 – 72  hrs prior to the session, then a 20% reschedule fee will apply.  If reschedule or cancellation of the session or special begins or occurs by attendee within 24 hrs prior to the session or special, then a 100% of the session or special’s, fee will be forfeited. (2) No Shows will be allowed first. If cancellations or rescheduling occur after 72 hours and within 12 months from initial registration then all fees paid can be credited to any and all MBA services or products, no refunds will occur. If the session or special is canceled, then a cancellation fee of $45.00 will apply, and any and all links sent prior will be charged accordingly. If a no show occurs, then any and all fees paid and MBA services are forfeited for that session and sessions cannot continue until sessions that were missed are fully paid.

Any and all MBA Seminars / Tutoring / Coaching / Services / Sessions / Products,  and the like, must occur or materials sent,  no later than 12 months after your initial registration date. If services are not rendered within 12 months from the initial registration date, then all Fees, MBA Services and Products Ordered, are forfeited. If there is no activity on the account for four months or longer or after your initial or last registration date (stale file) and MBA has increased fees in the interim or changed policies then the individual is subject to the revisions. After reactivating the account, it will be valid for another 12 months from the reactivation date.  If the individual has chosen not to re-activate the account then all registrant fees and MBA Services, Products, … registered for are forfeited. Also note that coach calls cannot accumulate. 1 hr max per week (2 30 min calls at the beginning of the week and the end of the week) as described in the special description, for the ARE & CSE  Exam and Professional Subjects.  Also note that coach calls for a subject cannot be credited towards another subject.

Also, if the individual wishes to re-register for the balance of the subjects not completed within 12 months, then the repeat discount will apply, if one occurs.  MBA Book links to download will be sent to the individual for each session they registered for, and they must have this data with them for each session,  printed out or on their computers, laptops, .etc. Any and all materials and any special (material or services) sent prior will be charged if tutoring is canceled.

7.    Download links are sent to the attendee after registration. Attendee must have this
data with them and refer to for their registered sessions.
8.    If a registrant qualifies for a refund for a canceled or rescheduled session, MBA does offer in lieu of the refund,  in addition to the MBA downloaded E-Booklets already sent a Pre-Recorded Tele-Seminar Audio links as well as 1 hour of Skype/Facetime/Phone tutoring for each subject(s) registered for.  The second option would be 2 hrs of phone/skype tutoring (no Pre-Recorded Tele-Seminar), on each of the subject(s) registered for by the candidate. However if the session(s) are rescheduled and the registrant declines the offers above, then the candidate will be charged the cancellation fee and material links sent prior, since materials are sent after the candidate registers.
9.    MBA is not responsible for any cost of travel, hotels, etc., to the registrant or individual or company if the seminar session(s) are canceled, rescheduled or revised in any way since traveling fees are a choice on behalf of the individual or Company.  MBA strongly recommends against the purchase of non-refundable payments or purchases.
10.   MBA does not offer compensation, reimbursement, validation, … for;   meals, parking, travel expenses, etc.,   for any and all MBA sessions.
11.   Please allow 45 to 60 days to process any refund, if qualified, after written request by the registrant.  MBA reserves the right to send partial payments to the registrant for the refund as long as the individual receives the total amount on or by 60 days after MBA receives the written request from the registrant.
12.  Any and all services, when ordered (Seminars, Tutoring, etc.), .must be satisfied within a 12 month period after payment and registration date or all fees and services are forfeited.
13. Refund request on any sessions and or material, because of lack of satisfaction must be made in writing with proper explanations, within the first 24 hrs. the individual made the purchase and or received the services, or link(s).  If not,  then any and all refunds on those items will not occur and are forfeited.
14.  MBA is not responsible for any bank fees(NSF, …)  or any other fees regarding chargebacks, refunds, or similar issues.
15.  On any Chargebacks allow 60 – 90 days for resolution.  Also, MBA will bill the individual for Office time at the Office rate of $110/hr.,  for research time. (Allow longer resolution time if Chargeback is incorrect amount).
16.  MBA has the right to refuse services, materials, products, etc.  to any individual.
Recording –  Office Policy
1.   Any and all sessions offered by MBA may be “AUDIO” recorded by the attendee’s recorder and “NOT” Video or Visual Recording,  which is not allowed.
Transfer Credit Office Policy
1.   MBA allows transfer of registration funds to be applied towards another session(s), only within a 12-month time frame from date of registration, also must not occur within 14 days of registered session. All transfers to other session(s) each time is subject to a $35 fee per each registration.
2.   MBA must be notified by written form (e-mail, etc.),  and phone call if the attendee is transferring his/her credit to another individual, and that individual must fill out the Order Form (see links on the website), with proper information.
3.   MBA will only allow transfers within a 12-month time frame per each registration.
Copyright Office Policy:
1.  When an individual registers for a session or purchases materials, that individual agrees to NOT share, sell, post, send or advertise, distribute or duplicate materials in any way,  and not to use MBA materials for other than their personal use.
2.   Audio recording by the Attendee of sessions is permitted for the individuals personal use only NO Video Taping/Visual Recording allowed.
3.   Video recording of any session is not permitted.
4.  No Duplication or reproduction or sending of any data other than the individuals personal use is
Rules of Conduct Policy:
1.   MBA reserves the right to not accept registrations and/or refuse services or products to any
individual or company. (example;  processed chargebacks, etc.)
2.   Professional behavior is expected from all individuals receiving MBA services & products.
Testimonial Policy:
1.  Any testimonials submitted to MBA will be published at MBA’s discretion.