The Importance of Exam Momentum

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by Prof. Michael P. Boardway

In the over 27 years my company, MBA, has been offering Exam and Professional Seminars, Workshops, Tutoring, Coaching, Materials, we have always found that when the candidate and/or Professional follow through in taking their exams or researching on their daily practice, they have a higher possibility of success.

When the ball is dropped in following through, for example,  taking the ARE-NCARB or CSE Exam Sections, we have found that it becomes much more difficult to pick the ball back up and continue on.  It is almost like continuing on with College or the University right after High School.  For those that say I am going to take a couple of years off,  have an 80% chance of not going on to further studies.

A Candidate might take one or two sections and then stop because they get busy.  However, what they do not realize is that it becomes much more difficult  in continuing on with the other sections at a later date. Getting back into the study mode, etc… .  I also know that things happen in life where it is absolutely necessary to take time from the study and exam process such as health issues, family emergencies and these types of situations.  I am definitely not addressing these events and it is mandatory for us to take time for ourselves and our families.  However, I am speaking of those times when one can get “off track” and just simply  decide not to put effort toward the exams.

My office began hearing from people who because they had become too busy, got off track from their study and exam schedule and some never had a schedule and unfortunately, are under the 5 year clock with NCARB, and will be or are losing the exams they had previously passed because so much time has passed, and now there is additional stress in taking the exams.

MBA is having great success (85% to 100%), with a new service called the “Procrastinator Special” which creates Exam Momentum for the candidate. This service is designed to help pick the candidate up who has dropped the ball, so to speak, and continue on and finish the sections to keep them on track and focused and to keep that “Exam Momentum” continuing.  We are finding our Procrastinator Special very effective for those candidates who are just beginning, since now they have the focus and energy to move forward with great confidence. If you wish to double your efforts then we call that special “The Exam Buster”. If you have a problem in following through on a specific schedule with us then you can do it on your schedule and we can that special “The Classroom Special”, like going to class and doing homework assignments and taking exams, etc… .

These programs include laying out a realistic schedule and submitting through e-mails, weekly curriculums, along with a coach call at the beginning and end of the week for three weeks – ARE. and six weeks for the CSE.   Additionally, included is a 2 hour skype/phone Tutor and a 2-hour recording on that one subject.  The week after coaching, the candidate takes the exam and then if it is NCARB Exam, we continue on with the next subject and so forth until we have successfully passed all of the sections.

It is important to continue on with this momentum or maintain the momentum to finish the exam.  Let’s not get caught in the new 5.0 NCARB Exam in 2016. Every time we get caught in transition, we loose credit or when the exam sections are reduced in numbers it appears to be more difficult to pass each section.

In the past, MBA has had great success in helping the Exam Candidates & Professionals become successful.  I would like to help with your success.

Thank you for your time.


Professor Michael P. Boardway